aboutus200Zoomanoo is a unique and highly successful, international Business Innovation and Corporate Socially Responsible Communications Company, based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2007, the company has considerable expertise and experience in this specialist arena, and has gained an excellent track record.

Our business innovation team are here to help Clients to drive awareness, sales, ongoing relationships and profits. While our strategic approach and ultimate solutions are often unexpected, they certainly meet with our individual Clients’ expectations.

Zoomanoo also works with well known companies and multinational organisations that are seeking to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, by helping to create, identify and manage CSR initiatives and partnerships that can provide real, tangible value to these brands. At the core of their approach is the belief that every organisation should be both inwardly and outwardly proud of their CSR investments, to best motivate their staff and to build lasting bonds with their communities. We fundamentally believe that being a good corporate citizen is great for business. The most important CSR objective that a company can have is to continually strive to grow and make a profit, for the benefit ultimately of all shareholders, owners, Clients, employees and their community alike.